The results of our work

– More than 100 successful projects in the oil and gas sector


– definition of contours of the Subbotino deposit on the shelf of the Black Sea;

– a comprehensive assessment of the prospects for oil and gas production on the territory of the largest impact structure in Ukraine – the Boltish Astroblem.

– More than 300 successful projects in the search for groundwater

100% success rate when drilling wells according to our results

-More than 10 projects related to coal mines


– Assessment of the problems of explosion at the mine. Zasyadko. Recommendations for drilling wells.

– More than 20 projects of environmental monitoring and integrated environmental research


– Assessment of the geoecological and hydroecological state of the Oleskaya area.

– Assessment of environmental risks in the territory of the Chernobyl and Rivne NPPs.

Ecological work

The ecological condition of the environment and industrial facilities is extremely important. Assessment and monitoring of the environmental impact are mandatory components of all stages of design and construction, and the prevention of environmental risks – the guarantee of rational exploitation of natural and anthropogenic objects.

Our offers

– Conducting high-precision monitoring and risk assessment in the design, construction and operation of industrial, economic and private facilities.

– Comprehensive research of the territories of the location of nuclear power plants with the goals of preventing contamination with radionuclides and their breakdown products in the short and long term.

– Comprehensive studies of shale gas production sites in order to eliminate the risks of possible entry of chemicals into aquifers.

– Comprehensive studies of the impact on the environment of objects of increased environmental risk – dumps and waste landfills, ash dumps, enterprises, places of technogenic accidents and sites of historical pollution, etc.

– Monitoring and assessment of risks associated with the operation of mines with increased explosibility.


Of great importance for detecting changes in the environment is monitoring – an integrated system of observations, estimates and forecasts of changes in the state of the environment under the influence of anthropogenic influences.

We can monitor over a hundred hydrological and geochemical indicators (according to EU directives) using both our own laboratories and the laboratories of partner companies.

The system of our investigations is based on the technique of studying faulty zones of increased permeability (RZPP), as well as the technology of structural thermo-atmogeochemical research (STAGI). Our works are held in several stages.

Searches for oil and gas

The search for hydrocarbon deposits on land and in the sea is associated with a large expenditure of time and money. Only some of the structures identified by seismic exploration work are productive. For Ukraine, the drilling success rate on average is 0.3. This means that only in one of the three wells are hydrocarbons detected.

The distribution of oil and gas is affected by a significant number of geological, structural-tectonic and lithological factors.

Even drilling a well may not always give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether further exploration is advisable.

The process of prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields can be accelerated using remote and near-surface methods.

Such methods are offered by our company. The most effective use is at the initial stages of exploration, when it is necessary to delineate the boundaries of the perspective contour and set the well in the right place.

Our methods help solve complex problems related to the development of multi-layer oil and gas fields that have a wide stratigraphic range of productivity, as well as territories with unconventional sources of hydrocarbons.

A few words about Us

The Department of Geoecology and Exploratory Research is a structure that possesses unique technologies designed to solve the search and forecast tasks of the oil and gas industry, the environment in the exploitation of environmental monitoring and the identification of environmental risks of industrial facilities and the solution of problems of central and private water supply.

The main theme of the work

Search and forecast of oil and gas deposits of traditional and non-traditional sources on land and in marine areas.
Forecast of the prospects of coal deposits for methane extraction, the forecast of potential explosive zones in the operation of coal deposits;
Search for underground water for industrial and domestic water supply;
Environmental monitoring of extraction of unconventional gas. Detection of areas with increased environmental risks;
Environmental assessment of the risks of construction and operation of large industrial facilities, including factories and power plants;
Assessment of the degree of safe disposal of nuclear waste.

Advantages of our organization:

Combining more than 20 different research methods, including the use of unique technologies.
Innovative high-precision equipment, which has no analogues.
Innovative approach to data processing.
Economy, the choice of options for accuracy and scope of work for the customer.

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